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Posted on 2016.04.07 at 23:59
Ragnar Lothbrock is my bf!


Posted on 2015.11.07 at 14:57
It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.FZ


What do you do when a coworker is mean!?

Posted on 2009.10.26 at 20:36


Posted on 2008.07.28 at 19:03

Permutate this!

Posted on 2008.04.14 at 09:18

Ok, so... Is it bad luck to eat a whole box of fortune cookies? Would the first or the last be my "real" fortune? and how do you know for sure? Since they were all extremely positive, would each new one cancel the one before out? Do I need to figure out whether I opened an even or odd number of fortune delivery devices? This really does bother me. This... and why the lady tried to steal SLIPPERS from the dollar store yesterday afternoon.


Posted on 2008.03.29 at 21:58
wtf... there is a Subaru commercial that confuses me. Where the dude is standing in a gorilla costume next to a chimp and a guy asks what he's doing and he says "getting ready for the big tent sale" and the dude says to him " it's not THAT kind of tent". WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? what kind of tent has monkeys in it?! Am I just being dumb?

It's a happy snake now!

Posted on 2008.03.12 at 12:55

On the way to school this morning, the girls screamed that the snake was in the floor board near my son's feet. We had just pulled into the elementary school 'loop'. Son quickly snatched up the snake and tossed it in the grass in front of the school. *cough* All is well.


Posted on 2008.03.05 at 08:57

Let's say one of my kid's friends released a snake in the backseat of my car by accident yesterday and it crawled somewhere under the seat and is now cleverly hidden. WHAT DO I DO?!!!!!!!


Posted on 2008.01.30 at 07:54

...was the subject of an email this morning, so it was the phrase of the day of course! That and... YOU WON ON eBAY!!! I'm hopelessly addicted to ebay again! This year I'm looking for:

- A Nintendo DS (both systems basically worthless w/o games)
- Books (for the book nerd in the family. list to follow)
- Hello Kitty Fender Guitar in black or pink
- Gaming Keyboard
- CamCorder for the boy
- Skateboard for the girl
- Rat ball. The balls that hamsters like to roll around in, but big enough for the boy's rats.

What are you looking for?

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