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Posted on 2007.11.26 at 20:10
So this season of Heroes is winding to a close. I think next week is the last episode actually. I really don't know why I dig this show so much, but I do! Speaking of television, what's the deal with Lost? The real deal. I know everyone whose ever watched it even once has asked that question. The fact that I don't "get" what's going on, drives me crazy, so I watch more. why?!! I really gave up trying to keep up after the first season. I wonder if watching the show on dvd back to back, every season to date... if I will start to understand. Y'know, instead of waiting a whole week and trying to piece things together.

I don't think having an unsuccessful and desperate looking garden in one's driveway is classy either!! So suck it.

Shhh. The game is on! 2:30 - 5 ish.

Posted on 2007.11.10 at 14:12

Cyn! Text me if Ikea is not busy when you get there! If it is too busy, pick me up a loaf pan. That would be grreat. Thanks!

Don't bother watching alert

Posted on 2007.11.10 at 01:22
1. Year of the Dog with Molly Shannon. Sleeper to avoid at all costs unless you are dating an over the top animal lover and are wanting to score points.

2. Georgia Rule. Jane Fonda & Lindsey Lohan. L-A-M-E. Total chick flick not worth watching unless you are interested in child molestation, weird behavior, and alcoholic mothers.

Does anyone remember my big spider story?

Posted on 2007.11.09 at 17:38

Remember when I SHOT that Big-A spider with the bb gun in the bathroom? I wonder if it's in my live journal anywhere.


Posted on 2007.11.08 at 11:50


Schizophrenia is CONTAGIOUS??!!

Posted on 2007.11.08 at 08:32
Ok, so I watch BUG last night. WTH?!


Blockbuster online = Better than Netflix.

Posted on 2007.11.07 at 07:23
Coming to my mailbox today: Bug, I Think I Love My Wife, and Year of the Dog. (The ones I really wanted had a long wait, as they were very recently released).

Have any of you seen the movies above? The only one I really want to see is Bug I guess. Have" any recommendations of what to add to my queue next?

And now, before I log in to work and bore myself to death, I leave you with this treat:

Here's how to get your ass kicked in elementary school:

Excerpt: "Just look at that belt. It's like a boob-job for your pants. He probably needed help just to lift it into place. The belt loops have to be three inches long, for god's sake. And way to pull your pants up to your armpits, grandpa."

If you haven't already seen this guy's recent blog post , You've missed out! This guy came across an old JC Penny's catalog ca. 1977.(It's been reposted in other people's blogs and sent around via email recently. You'll see why. Hysterical!!)

Click here to see the rest!

Be Good!

Open the window before you open the closet.

Posted on 2007.11.06 at 08:53
Why did this make me bust out laughing?!



For you Aaron! Switch to MAC

Posted on 2007.11.05 at 16:15

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